At Aquavida Pools, our mission centers around providing high quality pool remodeling, refinishing and restoration services at competitive prices. We know you have a choice in Phoenix area pool companies; at Aquavida Pools, we work to set our company apart from all others by offering unparalleled quality to our clients.
We provide a comprehensive suite of services to commercial and residential clients alike. Our services include:

• Pool refinishing
• Pool restoration
• Pool remodeling
• And repairs.

So whether you need to upgrade your pool equipment and plumbing, wish to refinish your pool deck, need to replace your pool plastering and coping tiles, or want to perform a complete overhaul and pool remodel to create a delightful oasis, the team at Aquavida Pools is here to assist!




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Pool Remodeling and Resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ

Aquavida Pools has a talented team of technicians, tile installers, plumbers, pool finishing experts, in addition to our own team of customer service staff and warranty technicians. We handle each and every pool renovation or resurfacing project in-house. Many companies are middle-men who hire bargain basement subcontractors to complete the job, but at Aquavida Pools, we maintain our own team, comprised of talented and highly-experienced individuals.

Therefore, it’s essential to turn to a trusted, reputable company like Aquavida Pools! But don’t take our word for it! Aquavida Pools maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also maintain a stellar reputation with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC). What’s more, our client testimonials also paint a glowing picture of the tremendous talent, experience and high quality pool replastering, remodeling and repair services that we bring to the table!

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming pool remodeling can be as easy as updating the pool surface, waterline tile and resurfacing the decking, or it can be a new shape or even have an updated in-floor cleaning system.

The majority of pool remodel projects in Arizona consist of simple upgrades, adding a dedicated suction line for an automatic pool cleaner, an automatic water leveler, or new pool equipment.

When it comes to design we can help you create a swimming pool that meets your needs and your budget, we are not a typical swimming pool contractor who builds pools and runs remodel projects to keep cash flow coming in, we are experts in swimming pool remodeling and understand structure issues with aging pools and dated fluid dynamics that need upgrading for efficiency.

If your swimming pool is in need of a new interior finish or a complete transformation you have come to the right place!

Pool Resurfacing and Replastering

If your swimming pool surface is looking old and stained it might be time to resurface the interior.

Today’s pool finishes have improved in many ways offering you choices from a cost effective replaster to a modern pebble finish. Pool resurfacing is a relatively simple process, if other options are being added it might add some extra time to your project.

Typically we can drain your pool and remove the old pool surface and apply a new surface within a five day time frame, however adding tile, decking or plumbing does take more time. White plaster is the most cost effective surface available to apply to your swimming pool, this surface is composed of a premium white portland cement with a pozzolan admixture to give the cement a higher strength, the cement is then mixed with a white marble dust sand and water to create the plaster formula. Plaster is a great surface to give you a cost effective fresh water look, but does require strict chemical attention, and is much more susceptible to surface stains than other pool surfaces with aggregate/pebble admixtures. Color can be added to the plaster, but doing so can cause problems. Once exposed to heavy doses of pool chemicals, colored plaster tends to streak or have increased instances of mottling, a natural, but uneven, graying of the white plaster. So until aggregate mixes appeared on the market, the color choices for plaster were limited.

Quartz plaster additives are gaining popularity due to the mid-level cost option and the durability. The addition of quartz granules to the white cement used in plastering brought about a revolution in the color scheme of pool plastering. Though quartz is an extremely tough stone–it’s harder than steel, according to Moh’s Mineral Hardness Scale–colors can be permanently bonded to it, much as color is added to floor tiling. For the less adventurous customer, quartz also provides the option of richer, more subtle and controlled colors, such as creamy white or bluish-green. As an added bonus, quartz’s durability meant the color wouldn’t fade or experience the same problems encountered by tinted white plaster.

Pebble pool surfaces have earned the #1 spot in durability and the most stain resistant swimming pool finishes on the market today, early aggregate finishes were thought to be a rough texture, today the finishes have improved in texture and pebble sizes. A popular choice is to add colored quartz or a glass bead blend to the pebble to give it a unique blend of color with the pebbles. If you are in need of a new pool surface please contact us to get a free estimate.

Pool Remodel Process



The first phase of your remodel or resurfacing project is draining your pool to the sewer cleanout or to the street in accordance with the city laws and regulations.


Interior Chipout

Once the pool is drained the interior surface is chipped out by jackhammers and air chisels. If you chose to replace your tile the existing tile will be removed at this phase.



The construction phase includes additions such as water leveler, dedicated suction line, decking, tile, Sun shelves, water features, boulders, new equipment, plumbing, barbeque, and fireplaces.


Interior Surface

The process of the interior surface phase varies depending on the surface you select. Pebble, Plaster, and Quartz, are all applied by a pressurized spray nozzle. The finishing touch is then done by hand trowel to a smooth finish. If you chose pebble the following work day the surface is acid washed to reveal the pebbles natural beauty.


Pool Fill

This phase consists of filling the pool full of water after your new surface has been installed. This takes approximately 12-30 hours depending on the size of your pool. Once the process of filling has begun, do not stop the water until it has reached the middle of the water line tile. Failure to follow these filling instructions may result in discoloration and/or imperfections in your new interior surface.



The start-up phase consists of adding all necessary chemicals to balance the water and mechanically start-up all pumps. This phase will also be the time to instruct you on the operation and maintenance of your new equipment and surface. There will be some surface brushing thatwill be necessary to eliminate residue left over from the new interior surface application process.
After this phase your pool is swim ready.

We Service Greater Phoenix AZ

No other pool remodeling company offers our services and exclusive products in the Phoenix area including East Valley, Southeast Valley, Northeast Valley and Ahwatukee like Aquavida Pools! Contact Aquavida Pools today to schedule your pool renovation or upgrade project. Call us at 602-354-8147 or visit our online contact form to inquire. Aquavida….We bring pools to life.

Client Testimonials

I am writing as an extremely satisfied customer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Aquavida Pool Remodeling. After living in our home for over 25 years, we’ve had our pool remodeled a couple of times over. In this tough AZ sun, the pool would lose tiles and plaster would crack like no other.

The last renovation done a few years ago by Aquavida Pool Remodeling has been the very best yet. After interviewing and researching for the right pool contractor, we chose Aquavida Pool Remodeling. The job was to renovate our pool with new tile, pebble tech smooth surfacing instead of old fashioned plaster, and refurbish and re-tile our spa area. The job was done beautifully. Neat and clean and in the amount of time promised. But the proof was in the longevity of the work. It has been a few years and the pool tile is still beautiful and in tact.
Thank you Aquavida for the excellent workmanship! We highly recommend your business!

Valerie R.